Sunday, May 29, 2022


Learn to trade in 20 days, from set-up to execution. Certificate of Completion

First, congratulations! You’ve just found something few forex beginners ever find—an ideal starting point.

There are so many books, courses, blogs, and webinars, but most will waste your time and money because they’re either:

  • too superficial to give you the practical skills needed to start making money, or
  • too complex and detailed to provide clear step-by-step ways to actually start making money
  • too focused on the usual methods of forex trading that are too risky, complex, and time consuming for most people to use successfully.

The most popular forex course of the last 6 years in Europe avoids these pitfalls…and is available now in your language!

It gives you a variety of approaches to get started via safer, simpler, more profitable ways to lower your risk and increase your returns, either as a conservative forex trader or as a more passive longer-term investor seeking exposure to assets in the best currencies.

Unlike other Forex Trading for Beginners courses, this course has the right balance of practical information and methods you use to actually make money, without burdening you with too much information or the wrong kinds of information. It provides the shortest path to actually making money as soon as your circumstances allow; or in the worst case, to avoid the mistakes and losses that drain your cash and confidence before you have had enough time to find your path to success.

If you’re serious about succeeding in forex, you just need the right guidance toward the trading or investing style that best suits you. Welcome to that guidance.

What This Course Offers

You’ll get one video lessons every day, a dedicated Questions and Answers session with an expert and a Certificate of Completion.

  • Day 1: What are financial markets
  • Day 2: Stocks, Futures, Forex, CFD, etc/Which instruments can we trade and how to make money
  • Day 3: Trader Types: WHO am I?
  • Day 4: Technical infrastructure: PC, Internet connection, screens, etc
  • Day 5: MetaTrader Introduction
  • Day 6: Basic functions of the trading software MT4
  • Day 7: MetaTrader 4 Supreme Edition – basics
  • Day 8: How to do a trade: technically, long & short
  • Day 9: Order types: Stop Loss, Take Profit, Stops
  • Day 10: The basics of a trading system
  • Day 11: Indicators and technical analysis
  • Day 12: Role of oscillators
  • Day 13: System “….“ rules
  • Day 14: Trade management
  • Day 15: Building a trading plan
  • Day 16: Evaluations and system tracking
  • Day 17: Leverage and margin at FX & CFDs
  • Day 18: money management & risk management
  • Day 19: trading psychology part 1
  • Day 20: trading psychology part 2
  • Day 21: Questions and answers, Summary 

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